About Me

Alfred Zhao

DJ 2deeppockets “Mash-up Master” “Spin Doctor”


Alfred is a DJ, specializing in mash-up mixes. He loves to use EDM, hip-hop/rap, and Korean-pop in his mash-ups.

Although Alfred is learning Korean, he also desires to learn about his Chinese roots originating from Mainland China. 趙加富 is Alfred’s Chinese name.

However, despite being of Chinese ethnicity, Alfred is an avid anime aficionado, where he spends much of his time watching Japanese anime and reading manga. Do you know he has an itasha too?


January 2022
Rental app for iPhone (Canada & USA)

SOS911-Sexual Assault Prevention
Coming December 2023
App For iPhone

Food Delivery App (for the Rich)
Coming December 2023
For iPhone


Alfred is always available for DJ mixing collaboration and business partnerships locally, nationally, and worldwide. If you want to chat about anime, books, cars, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

My Interests:

Anime, Books, Cars, DJ Mash-up Mixing, Exercise, French, Games (Arcade, Board, Cards, & Video), Hacking (Computers), Ice Skating, Japanese, Korean, Language Learning, Mandarin Chinese, Networking, Online Memes, Poker (Texas Hold’em), Songwriting, Traveling, and Vivian (@missingvivian on Instagram).

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